Discover Scotland

Gravity-defying mountains, spell-binding waterfalls, and majestic wildlife all await you there.
The awe-inspiring, unspoilt beauty of the Scottish Highlands and Isles is an absolute must-see for any nature-lover and is unlike anywhere else in the UK. Nature has carved out dramatic landscapes you would only think possible in storybooks.
The chaos of humanity fades into non-existence when faced with the pure, untouched wilderness of the Outer Hebrides, the white sands and crystalline waters of the beaches of Lewis and Harris, the deep greens of Glencoe or the purple heather-swept moorlands of the Cairngorms.
Steeped in history and legend, these lands have plenty of tales to tell. On our guided walks, we take you on a journey and share the stories (some true, some mythical) that were made in and inspired by the mystical glens, still lochs, sky-high forests and windswept mountains of Scotland. Hearing these stories while taking in the breath-taking scenery in the heart of the country, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of Scottish culture and heritage.
Ben Nevis summit - the highest mountain in the United Kingdom
landscape view of scotland and the entrance to glen etive near buchaille etive mor in winter
The Scottish mountains are a sight second-to-none in the UK. Conquer Ben Nevis, or traverse mountain ranges on one of our guided mountain walks, simply enjoy the stunning views, or sign up to our mountaineering or skills courses and learn from our experts so that you too can wander unhindered off the beaten track.
Home to iconic wildlife and native plant species, much of the highlands and Scottish isles is protected by law, safeguarding it from human intervention so that it can remain undisturbed for many generations. We have a deep respect for the environment and the 90,000 species that call Scotland home.
The bellow of the iconic red deer can be heard from the forests and moorlands of the Cairngorms, while red squirrels are best spotted in the pine forests of the Highlands.
Cul Mor at dawn
Eilean Donan Castle
Look upwards and you may be lucky enough to see an eagle or buzzard. It’s our mission to share the beauty of the Scottish wilderness with all those that join us.
On our guided walks and in our walking events, we aim to instill in others our love and respect for this beautiful corner of the world, and the importance of keeping Scotlands wild feeling and safe from exploitation.
Scotland is truly a breath-taking, awe-inspiring place for any nature lover or outdoor adventurist. In the UK, it is unmatched in its beauty, scope, and in its potential for exploration.
Of all the regions we have covered, we are most passionate about the Scottish Highlands and Isles. With us, you are assured a completely unique experience. Get in touch and share with us exactly what you want from a walking holiday in Scotland, and we can accommodate you with one of our bespoke trails. Let your adventure begin.
A red deer stag in the Highlands